2019 Recommended Reading

You will benefit from reading these books ahead of (or after) the workshop — though this isn’t a requirement. These books will provide a helpful background to the material presented and tie into your experience at the workshop.

Main Book

Supporting Books

Attending by Ronald Epstein MD
Aware Daniel J Siegel


Previous Book Lists

If you are interested in learning more about how to create and be in highly effective and engaged teams, the following books will be helpful. They are the recommended books from previous our workshops. These books continue to lay the groundwork for facilitative leaders and are still relevant and well worth reading today.

2018 Recommended Reading

Everything is Workable Diane Musho Hamilton

Designing the Conversation Unger, Nunnully, Willis

Conversational Intelligence by Judith Glaser

The Doodle Revolution by Sunni Brown


2017 Recommended Reading

2016 Recommended Reading

2015 Recommended Reading

2014 Recommended Reading